COVID19 Virus Alert

If you have a fever, cough, congestion or sore throat, please do NOT come to the office. Call us day or night and we will call you back first, to decide what may be the best plan for you. We may recommend staying home with close monitoring and the ability to check in daily with us, or decide you should come into the office at a preset time and site if we can treat your condition. See this handout on how to 'self-quarantine' to avoid the spread of the virus. We may have you seek further attention elsewhere, especially if you are having shortness of breath or a high fever. Please do not expose others in our office to any virus at this time. If you already have an appointment for some other reason but are feeling sick with symptoms as above, we will care for you by phone but do not come in. Consult the CDC website for more information on this virus: and the Monterey County Public Health Department:

Alerta de Virus COVID19

Si tiene fiebre, tos, congestión o dolor de garganta, por favor NO venga a la oficina. Llámenos de día o de noche y lo llamaremos primero para decidir cuál puede ser el mejor plan para usted. Podemos recomendar quedarse en casa con supervisión cercano y la posibilidad de consultar diariamente con nosotros, o decidir que debe venir a la oficina a una hora y sitio preestablecidos si podemos tratar su condición. Este documento tiene consejos para evitar la propagación del virus. . Es posible que le pidamos que busque más atención en otro lugar, especialmente si tiene dificultad para respirar o fiebre alta. Por favor no exponga a otros en nuestra oficina a ningún virus en este momento. Si ya tiene una cita por alguna otra razón pero se siente enfermo con los síntomas mencionados anteriormente, lo cuidaremos por teléfono pero no venga a la oficina. Consulte el sitio web de los CDC para obtener más información sobre este virus: y la Monterey County Public Health Department:

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Dr. Danielle Acton

Dr. Danielle Acton earned a medical degree at the University of California, San Diego. She completed specialty training in Family Practice through UC San Francisco-Fresno. Dr. Acton's interests include hiking, camping, and traveling. She is married with three children.

Liliana Jaques, PA-C

Liliana Jaques, PA-C Liliana sees children and adults. She has two children.

Dr. Lyn Treais

Dr. Lyn Treais Dr. Lyn Treais takes a special interest in health prevention for all ages

Dr. Rafael Siquieros

Dr. Rafael Siquieros trained at UC San Diego Medical School and the UC San Francisco-Fresno Family Practice Residency. Dr. Siqueiros enjoys gardening and the study of language. Dr. Siqueiros has two children.

Dr. Sumana Reddy

Dr. Sumana Reddy earned her medical degree at the University of Toronto Medical School. Her specialty training was completed at the UC San Francisco Family Practice Residency Program in Salinas. Dr. Reddy takes a special interest in preventive health for men and women, and health education in chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes. She also pursues involvement in issues of child development, media exposure, and literacy. Dr. Reddy is married and has two children.

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