COVID19 Virus Alert

If you have a fever, cough, congestion or sore throat, please do NOT come to the office. Call us day or night and we will call you back first, to decide what may be the best plan for you. We may recommend staying home with close monitoring and the ability to check in daily with us, or decide you should come into the office at a preset time and site if we can treat your condition. See this handout on how to 'self-quarantine' to avoid the spread of the virus. We may have you seek further attention elsewhere, especially if you are having shortness of breath or a high fever. Please do not expose others in our office to any virus at this time. If you already have an appointment for some other reason but are feeling sick with symptoms as above, we will care for you by phone but do not come in. Consult the CDC website for more information on this virus: and the Monterey County Public Health Department:

Alerta de Virus COVID19

Si tiene fiebre, tos, congestión o dolor de garganta, por favor NO venga a la oficina. Llámenos de día o de noche y lo llamaremos primero para decidir cuál puede ser el mejor plan para usted. Podemos recomendar quedarse en casa con supervisión cercano y la posibilidad de consultar diariamente con nosotros, o decidir que debe venir a la oficina a una hora y sitio preestablecidos si podemos tratar su condición. Este documento tiene consejos para evitar la propagación del virus. . Es posible que le pidamos que busque más atención en otro lugar, especialmente si tiene dificultad para respirar o fiebre alta. Por favor no exponga a otros en nuestra oficina a ningún virus en este momento. Si ya tiene una cita por alguna otra razón pero se siente enfermo con los síntomas mencionados anteriormente, lo cuidaremos por teléfono pero no venga a la oficina. Consulte el sitio web de los CDC para obtener más información sobre este virus: y la Monterey County Public Health Department:

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Our Office

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Our relationship with you is one of mutual commitment to the responsibility of your health. Your participation is essential to our success in providing you with outstanding care. Our staff and physicians want to ensure that you receive prompt, courteous, and thorough medical attention. We are committed to listening to you and answering your questions.

Family Medicine, Your Doctor for Life

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We provide comprehensive, up-to-date care for the whole family, including wellness and illness care for infants and children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, as well as women’s health. We have expertise across the fields of medicine and welcome children and adolescents. We believe that continuity of care is one of the many reasons why children who see us are well taken care of.

Most importantly, we don’t just treat illness, but strive to prevent disease by helping you to restore the balance in your life. Our family medicine group can handle most of your medical needs, coordinating the rest with selected specialists. Our goal is to care for the whole person and the whole family.


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Your appointment time is scheduled based upon the concern you express at the time of your call. Please prioritize your concerns to allow enough time to address the most important ones. Additional or new concerns at the time or your appointment may require an additional appointment in order to provide you with the best diagnosis and treatment.

Your courteous call to cancel an appointment you cannot keep will allow another person to be seen. Appointment reminders can be made by text and portal email.


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In a life-threatening situation, it is best to dial 911. If you’re not sure you have an emergency, please call us first. Day or night, there is generally an on-call physician available who can talk with you about urgent situations, and direct you to appropriate care.

Telephone Calls and Portal Messages

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We welcome your telephone calls to our office when you have a question or problem. Please make non-emergency calls during office hours when your records are available. We try to return calls the same day. Emergency calls are taken immediately. Your cooperation and understanding during a time of another patient’s need is appreciated.

Prescriptions and Refills

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Please bring all medication bottles to every visit. Many errors and confusion with taking medications can be corrected this way. Give us 3 working days for medication refills. In general it’s best to try to refill medications during visits. We will make a visit plan to allow for enough appointments each year so there is time to discuss each condition and any associated medications.

Fees and Insurance

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Professional fees for office visits or hospital care are determined by the time spent and complexity of your needs. All non-covered services, co-payments, and deductibles are due at the time of your appointment. If your visit is covered by health insurance, we can file your insurance claim if you bring the plan’s membership card. We are affiliated with most health plans in this area. If you are covered by more than one plan, bring a membership card for each. Please contact your personnel department or insurance carrier to familiarize yourself with your plan coverage. This will allow you to plan for payment for services your insurance does not cover.

Hospital Relationships

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Our physicians work with the local county and tertiary care hospitals including Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Natividad Medical Center, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Stanford and UC San Francisco.

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