Practice Adjustments During the Covid19 Pandemic

The doctors at Acacia Family Medical Group have been working to provide you with new medical care options in this age of the Covid19 pandemic. Within weeks of the shelter at home orders in March, we had transformed our usual in-office care. First, we immediately began to offer video visits to nearly everyone. We can take care of most conditions and problems in this way. Our clinicians have done special training to be able to diagnose and treat a surprising number of concerns through a video visit while you are in your home.

By having you assist us in doing an exam, sometimes with the help of a family member or friend, we can do quite an effective physical exam. In this way, we have been able to diagnose everything from strep throat to appendicitis with a video visit and without compromising the high quality of our care! Some benefits we did not foresee include examining children in the comfort of their home where they feel more comfortable, avoiding drives into the office, and conducting a visit while on a break at work, resulting in less down time for you.

There seem to be many advantages and a few downsides (mainly enjoying direct interaction). In some cases we can now waive your copays leading to a more cost effective visit. We encourage you to call our staff to help you get set up for the video visit, and to help us evaluate your needs. Those who are over 55 or have chronic health conditions are especially encouraged to take advantage of our video visit capability.

In some cases, we will see you conveniently in your car outside of our office. For example we can check cholesterol or review your health condition this way, particularly for our patients who are unable to manage a video visit. And we remain available to see you in our office should that be the best way to take care of you, and we can do so in a way that takes into account the best recommendations for safety.

We do apologize for our hold times, which at times reflect this extra support work being done by our staff. Now more than ever, we are available to advise you should you not be feeling well. Call us in advance if you can, and if you do go to the emergency room or an urgent care, please be certain to follow up with us afterwards so we can make sure that every need was fully addressed.

At Acacia Family Medical Group, we see all ages, from newborns to seniors. Vaccinations for infants and children are a very high priority, and we want to make sure that every family brings their children in for physicals and vaccines. Children should not fall behind on essential vaccinations, and are a priority for in office care.

We focus on prevention, and now is no exception. Attention to enough sleep, a healthy diet with whole, unprocessed foods and plenty of fresh produce, and time to go outdoors for fresh air and exercise are all encouraged. Good control of cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes are always important and even more so at this time. We are requesting anyone with a long term health condition to prioritize seeing us soon, even if your previously scheduled appointment is further away.

And don’t forget attention to your emotional health, and that of your family. If you find yourself tired often, irritable, anxious or sleeping poorly and are finding it hard to function or motivate yourself, please don’t wait to talk to one of us.

Once again, remember that we are here to support your good health, so please take care of yourself and allow us to be your partners in that care.